hi my friend! how are you feeling?

  .. imagine if YOU had a 24/7 access to a simple way to reframe stress, anxiety, physical & emotional tension ? what could help YOU become more grounded, mindful, connect to your intuition, bring wellness & balance to your daily life & relationships?

Gayatri Yoga is YOUR ideal tool to nurture an intelligent & sustainable body to live in, calm & wise mind to tackle any problem & life situation. You will cultivate a consistent home yoga practice that will become your number one home remedy, your healing health tonic & fountain of youth.

Gayatri Yoga will be your B.L.I.S.S. Elixir. You are one step away from bringing more BALANCE, LOVE, INFINITE ENERGY, STAMINA & SERENITY into your life as we practice together at home with no distractions, whenever & wherever you want. Are YOU ready to take YOUR physical & emotional WELLNESS UNDER CONTROL?
Begin your journey to B.L.I.S.S. now!

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what happens when you start practicing with Gayatri Yoga?

Gayatri Yoga helps you build your foundation, your perfect balanced body, increasing strength & flexibility, improving stamina & endurance in a safe manner. If the body is in pain & out of balance all mental & emotional work is sabotaged. Once you start practicing you’re officially on the path to a balanced, aware, mindful YOU.


You never get bored with Gayatri Yoga flows crafted to challenge your body & mind and help you grow. You get new classes weekly delivered to your inbox. And if you feel like having a chat with a fellow yogi or asking a question about your practice Gayatri Yoga community is there for you.


Once you start practicing you notice changes. Not only in your physical body like losing weight, toning & shaping a lean healthy physique. You start noticing changes in your mental & emotional state. You begin connecting to your true self, intuition, to tap into the source of unlimited energy, you become aware of your true desires, connect to your purpose which translates into your real life, relationships, finances & more. B.L.I.S.S. Elixir is beginning to work !


where can you watch your videos?

Gayatri Yoga Studio is accessible on your MACs & PCs, iOS & Android mobile devices through your desktop & mobile browser, streaming to your smartTV through Apple TV & Chromecast is one push of a button.

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